Hershey: The Sweetest Taste on Earth

America's Favorite Chocolate Company!



Of course we all know and savor the great taste of Hershey's Chocolate, but where did it all start? The company began with one man’s dream to produce sweet chocolate in 1894.  Milton Hershey set up his shop in Lancaster Pennsylvania. And after 6 years, the Hershey Chocolate Company was born. In the 1900s, they began to produce milk chocolate in various shapes such as bars and wafers. Because the chocolate was mass-produced, it was affordable for all social classes.

Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising in the world.” says Milton Hershey. And yes, his chocolate definitely had quality! His low-cost high-quality chocolate was an instant success with the people of Pennsylvania. Excited about people’s crave for chocolate, Hershey decided to build another factory in Derry Township, his hometown. The factory was in a perfect location and supplies around the farmland were convenient. 

But the company didn’t stop there. In 1907, the company expanded its line of products and there came the oh so popular Hershey Kisses. These were a favorite for people and even today, they’re still very well-liked. At first, Hershey Kisses were wrapped individually in SQUARES of silver foil. Hershey Kisses were square?! What! But no worries, in 1921 machine wrapping was introduced and the technology added the familiar “plume” at the top; everyone knew a trademarked Hershey’s Kiss from any other chocolate. What about Mr. Goodbars and KRACKEL Bars? They, along with many other products, were added to the line in the next decades. These products kept people on their toes for Hershey!

After World War II, an award was given to the Hershey Chocolate Company for supplying a Ration D bars for military use. Unfortunately, these bars weren’t as tasty as regular chocolate bars because they wanted troops to keep in mind that the bars were not candy. So the company didn't just drive people wild for chocolate? NO! The company even helped people survive.
Later, in 1928, the Hershey Company banded with the Reese’s Company. They supplied the coating for Reese’s delicious peanut butter cups and of course, Reese supplied the peanut butter! The companies definitely had a good relationship and their products sold well. Therefore, in 1956, seven years after the death of Harry Reese, the Reese’s Candy Company was sold to the Hershey Corp. 

Entering the new century, the company expanded its product line all the more with other candy and chocolate such as Twizzlers licorice and Peter Paul/Cadbury’s Chocolate.
Those are some of the popular candy's we recognize today.