Hershey: The Sweetest Taste on Earth

Hershey: The First Ever to Make Chocolate Affordable for All People

Hershey perfected the mass production of chocolate by making it more affordable and avalible for all the public. Also they mass produced all diffrent sorts of chocolate, not just the plain milk chocolate. We talked to a woman from the Hersehy Historical Society who knew Milton Hershey herself and lived in Hersehy PA. She told us that everyone who knew him called him the "Henry Ford" of chocolate because his company mass produced it for all social classes. He was thought of very fondly in his town.
http://www.allaboutchocolate.com/understanding/history/peoples treat.aspx

Can you guess the first hershey product to be mass produced? Yes, it was the hershey milk chocolate bar, the most famous product they have today. Later on the Hershey Company started to mass produce many of their other products that we know of today! The Hershey Company is said to have though "launched a new era in chocolate." People said that because he brought European chocolate making techniques and american style techniques and put them together to make his chocolate. This launched the sales of Hershey chocolate by alot. By the late 1920's Hershey became the biggest chocolate manufacturer in the world!

Hershey Company isn't just famous because they have good chocolate, no thats not why they changed history. We all know the company as good chocolate but they really changed alot in the industry itsself. If they hadn't first mass produced their choclate then none of us would have ever tasted it. Before the mass production it was just a delicacy for wealthy people. When he first did this process he lowered the untit price for chocloate and now it is affordable for all social classes. It was said in an early commercial that it was  “a palatable confection and a most nourishing food.”  beacuse of this sudden wanting for choclate by the people Hershey had to think of a bigger place to build his factory.