Hershey: The Sweetest Taste on Earth

Milton S. Hershey


The Beginning

The Hershey company would have been nothing without Milton Hershey.  As a teen, he began to think about the future.  He came up with the idea to start his own candy company in Philadelphia.  His first two companies, taking up about10 years of his life, failed.  However, he did not give up.  He went to Lancaster and tried a third time.  This one didn't fail, it was actually a big success. 

Just one Goal

Milton Hershey had the idea that his company would help others.  As a boy, he was a farm boy who never got the eduaction needed.  The company was always willing to hire new people, young or old.  Plus, Hershey opened a school.  First, just an elementary school, but soon after they were planning to build a junior college.  Milton Hershey made sure that his schools were the highest class schools possible.  However, there was only one requirement, you had to live in the town town of Hershey, PA. 

Milton Was Confident

Milton Hershey, as you may know, is one of the wealthiest men in the U.S., and a very creative entrepreneur.  He knew, from the first few tries, that to be a success over the other chocolate companies, he had to be diferent.  So he experimented with his recipes, so that they were more delicious and appealing to the customers.  However, Milton Hershey never advertised his company. It wasn't until many years after he died that Hershey began to have coupons in the paper and advertisements.  In fact, he once stated, "Give them quality. That's the best kind of advertising in the whole world."